• Ceir Orbeth

    Ceir Orbeth

    Human cleric of a god of tyranny. THE god of tyranny. If they are too weak, they don't deserve it.
  • Eleasar


    Aasimar sorcerer. Tries to talk his way out of everything and his magic is somehow shadowy lately
  • Gerthel


    Half-ogre witch from the jungle. Followed by a strange parrot, she uses hexes on her opponents and packs quite a punch
  • Ilidža


    Human monk who is also a vegan. Likes to smoke his pipe and collect berries
  • Lialda


    Half-elf druid hailing from the Neverwinter wood. Accompanied by Leila the wolf, she avoids harming anyone unless threatened, and animals even then
  • Milutin


    Halfling rogue from Neverwinter. Uses poison to get the loot. He really likes that loot.
  • Pipassi [deceased]

    Pipassi [deceased]

    Reptilian ranger wielding a greataxe. At home anywhere in the jungle, he also tamed a snake he called Nirdala.
  • Valithria


    Elven ranger with an amnesia. Not sure who she is, but she remebers her bear.