Visions of the Sarrukh

Session no2
Session no3

The ritual for creating the cure was (most likely) successful, but the vial was stolen by Desther. Both parties ventured through the portal, but the second one found their meeting with a strange illusion of a reptilian creature quite strange. They were teleported at the top of pyramid, in the middle of jungle. They fought off a priest and temple guards but they couldn’t get through down the stairs, so they decided to enter the temple.

Session no4

A strange reptilian humanoid helped the party defeat a gargoyle they found in the temple. After another battle (this time with the animated columns) they ventured forth through the altar (from which that reptilian, now knows as Pipassi, came out) of Sseth to the unknown. They were transported in jungle that appeared to be in a strange sphere, with a source of light in the middle. Everything they saw above was jungle. There they found a strangely large woman, who was actually quite friendly to them. They agreed with Pipassi who suggested that they go to his village. On their way there, on a small clearing with some old overgrown ruins, the strange object Eleasar was carrying floted away from him and created a pillar of light straight to that light source. Anything they tried throwing into the pillar disappeared, including Pipassi’s finger. They defeated a forest drake which attacked and arrived to the village just in time to see a shadowy form standing near a body.

Session no5

Village, druid, journey.

Session no6

Snake pit, caverns, naga.

Session no7

After slaying the naga in her own chambers, the adventurers journeyed forward and came upon a larger cave. In it, there was a village of troglodytes. It turned out that the skin the party was trying to sell them was belonging to their sacred protector. A fight broke out, and most of the villagers were slain, including some of the children.

Session no8

After a conversation with a strangely coloured bird called Kukulkan, the ventured to a temple in search for some strange artifacts. After defeating the false undead clergy (and an animated statue), they found what they were looking for in the cellar. Kukulkan allowed them to keep the artifacts and instructed them on a new mission: to find the control chamber for this artificial world.

Session no9

After a few days of traveling through the lush jungle, they came upon a large dark hole in the ground with seemingly no bottom. There was also a trail of dead animals with pierced skulls leading there. And a strange silver cone they almost broke into. A large abomination was trying the come of the hole, but they thrown that same cone at it. And then went down to look for it. Pipassi died at the tentacles of the monster, but they managed to defeat it.

Session no10

The passage to the control chamber was found. After some trouble (summoning a trumpet archon, fighting off some strange hounds) the party was partly successful in using the strange arcane contraption that controlled the fate of all denizens of this strange sphere.

Session no11

Having fled the battle, Lialda (shaped as an eagle) rushed back to Terpenzi to inform him on the events that previously occurred. A couple of days later, she returned to the pit in order to find the rest of the party. There she found a note saying that they had found the “control room” and the directions leading her to a hill with a strange looking door on its side. On her way there she saw Gerthel and landed, turning back to her half-elf form. The two headed towards the door that suddenly opened, with Milutin running in their general direction. He mumbled something about getting back soon and ran past them, leaving them confused. The girls entered the control room, but only to find out that nobody else was there.
As it was getting darker and nobody was returning, Gerthel lit a small fire inside one of the rooms and they tried to rest a bit. However, an uncommonly strong earthquake knocked them down and when they woke up, they felt strangely cold. There was still no sign of the rest of the party members. To their surprise, when they went out of the control room, there was snow outside and no trace of the jungle they used to be in. To Gerthel, everything seemed frightening, as she had never experienced winter before. Leila and Lialda, on the other hand, enjoyed the familiar feeling of snow, although it was obvious that many things went wrong while they were lying unconscious in the control room. The entrance to the control room itself had changed. Instead of the hill, there were now only walls of the building that used to be inside it.
They decided to look around in order to figure out their whereabouts and near a road they ran into an oddly dressed man who presented himself as Ceir Orbeth, the missionary of The Lord (as he calls him). He starts preaching his religion right away and Lialda finds the story similar to the stories of the preachers she had encountered in Neverwinter. However, as much as she inquires, Ceir Orbeth avoids mentioning the name of his god and starts vaguely introducing them to the world they found themselves in. He agrees to accompany them to the nearest populated area, as he is himself on a pilgrimage. Not far from the control room, they encounter a couple of warghs. However, all Lialda’s charms fail and they are forced to kill one wargh and scare away the other. As they are progressing down the road, Lialda starts to feel guilty about murdering the wolf and tries to think of a redemption. She cheers up a bit when she sees a tiny little animal curled up in the snow. As she approaches the animal, she realizes it is a frightened arctic fox cub. With the help of her magic, she calms the animal down and takes it into her arms, deciding at that point to keep it as a pet.
The three continue their journey for another couple of hours, finally reaching the village. As they were approaching, they saw a giant running away from the infuriated crowd with loot in his hands. They joined the crowd in chasing down the giant and eventually fighting it. The giant was finally restrained and escorted to the village to meet justice.


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