Visions of the Sarrukh

Session no19

The warrior turned out to be out of his time (some 15 centuries). The last thing he remembered was the battle with demons. The party was joined by Ceir Orbeth, who was lead there by Milutin. Grave robbing ensued, with some minor encounter with ghosts. One was captured by the cleric. After gathering their loot near the entrance, an extensively detailed search followed. A secret door was found behind one of the coffins. Down the stairway it led them to a hallowed ground and a large stone door. With some magical help, the party entered into a chamber with a strange circle split in two in the middle. The two armours in the corner presented themselves as the guardians of the place, protecting it from demons. The party was not impressed, since they fought demons fairly recently and tried negotiating with these strange automatons. Of course, a battle was joined during the discussion. The amours were defeated, but two Gerthel almost died, and Momaru lost an arm.



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