Visions of the Sarrukh

Session no17

After having some rest at the inn, Milutin (accompanied by everyone except Eleasar) went to his shady meeting at almost midnight. On their way, they visited the crime scene of a particulary gruesome murder Riffin mentioned during his visit. Bloody hoof trails they found. The rogue completed his exchange without any problems (Ceir even convinced some of them to visit his temple). Lialda decided to check the scene once more. Valithria stayed with her, while Ceir was praying nearby. The rest of the party spotted a strange bipedal creature with a tail going behind the corner. Once, twice, and the third time they stumbled into complete darkness. After a short, but bloody skirmish, they started retreating. Gerthel fell, but reinforcements arrived, Valithria holding off the mysterious creature, while giant spider shaped Lialda dragged Gerthel out. Her form allowed her to gaze into darkness and she saw something out of this world. The went back to the inn, Ilidža reported the incident to the castle, Ceir healed them upon his arrival. In the morning, they identified the creature as a demon. The rest of the day was mostly uneventful: Lialda spent her day strolling the city and acquiring some history books from the castle. Ilidža journeyed through the darker taverns of the city looking for some herbs. Milutin assisted him and also made a detailed investigation of the city’s alcohol distribution and started plotting to introduce himself to the market. He also rented an old warehouse. Gerthel learned finding her way in the inn’s kitchen and made some fine soup. Even got paid! Ceir Orbeth was very diligent in increasing his flock. He entered the abandoned temple, made some notes about re-decorating the place. Some vandals even broke the nice vitrage windows while he was there. He started the negotiations about taking the temple for his faith, since it was already abandoned and spent the entire afternoon by knocking on people’s doors and inviting them to a fundraiser tomorrow evening at the temple (he payed special attention to the rich part of the city).



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