Visions of the Sarrukh

Session no16

The party hurried back to the inn, where they proceeded (except Ceir Orbeth, who rode away on his black horse) with making a forgery of lord Adrik’s last will. Lialda was outraged with their actions and stormed away, Leila at her side. Confident in their skills, they went straight back to the castle. Guards informed them that there will no visitors today, but Eleasar used his Hat of Disguise to appear as Riffin (lords adviser). But alas, the throne room was closed, and apparently barred, since there was no keyhole. Precautionary, Eleasar sent the four guards in the hallway for a break at their favourite tavern. Ilidža scouted the outside of the castle and found a window, where he tied a rope. Milutin climbed the rope and wiggled his way in through the bars. After a few rooms (one was a cozy lounge, the second a reading room, the third a storage with wooden crates) he encountered guards. His attempt at sneaking by them to the next room failed, he was taken captive and escorted to the prison via slightly stragne mechanism that lead them to underground. The jailor dismissed the document claiming Miutin is the new lord, effective before the end of the first day. Meanwhile, the rest of the party tried breaking the door, and after they ignited it (and called guards for help, claiming that the lord was in danger). The room was empty. A metal door leading further into the castle was once again locked. A letter was found in the table. It contained nothing of particular interest, except it referenced lord Adrik as brother, and signed by queen Salvynia Whitefang. In the middle of a joined effort by the party and the guards, Riffin opened the door from the other side. Eleasar promptly used a wand of Hold Person on him and ordered the guards to bind the impostor. The room from which he emerged looked like a cabinet, with a loot of books, scrolls and two tables. A stone door with decorated with an open hand from which beams of light originated was locked. Everyone present, on false Riffins command started heading for the prison. Just before the exit, the tall emissary appeared. After inquiring in the entire event he joined them (after dismissing the guards) on their way to the prison. After releasing Milutin, they all returned to the throne room in the castle. Enlil (the emissary) informed them that lord is still alive, but in a bad condition and that the queen will be sending her personal investigators to assess the situation, and let them go to continue their quest Adrik required of them. It was still early in the afternoon: Ilidža scouted the city, finding a closed temple (“No priest of Rohen ever came to the temple.” a passer-by claimed) and also checked out the market; Milutin found a healer, but dismissed him since he wielded no magic, and explored the shadier taverns and set up a meeting in an alley when the night falls; Gerthel stayed in bed resting and eating. In the late afternoon Rifin arrived to the inn. Eleasar (joined by Gerthel, and later Ilidža and Milutin) told tales of their adventures. Riffin (who turned to be an archeologist who also practiced abjurations) was a bit skeptical, especially about the part with other planes, and gave them some local info (the town Bastou was Adrik’s new fiefdom (all of the people arriving less than six months ago; almost all from the Arakzil, from which the lord, as well as his sister, hailed; the city also had catacombs and was built during a war with demons more than a millennium ago ). They learned about the Empire where the Nephs (such as emissary Enlil) ruled and slavery was allowed. He also informed them of a particularly gruesome murder which happened during the night in the streets. Founding of a mages guild was discussed together with negotiations about acquiring citizenship and property in the city. Some members of the party were particularly interested in some of the less legal activities in the city. As the lords adviser was leaving, the party continued plotting.



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