Visions of the Sarrukh

Session no15

Old man and the forest

While Milutin, Eleasar, Lialda, Valithria and Ilidža were resting after their fight with the angered bear, Gerthel, while following some hunters to the forest met up with Ceir Orbeth. They tracked the rest of the party by following the opposite direction of the fleeing horses. The party made camp at the same spot, made food and cut some trees. Soon enough a treant appeared, and after a short talk, a battle ensued. The treant fell, and it’s corpse was burned. After a long rest, the party started following bear tracks in the pursuit of Misha (Valithria’s pet). That also made them closer to another of woodcutter sites. Misha was found atop a hidden cache which promptly opened when touched by Valithria. As was expected, since it contained her possessions (armour, weapons and a tent). The party pressed on, and soon encountered a group of people listening an old man teaching them the ways of nature and balance. There were some disagreements between the life philosophies of some (most) party members and the old man (called Sedrik), and it was discovered that he did knew something about creatures of the forest harming the woodcutters, but claimed no direct connection to them and the rest of the group appeared to be activists from the nearby city. Although Ilidža picked the entire apple tree, and Milutin ate the bears meat in front of them, Eleasar’s diplomatic effort saved the day and he managed to persuade Sedrik to come to Bastou, and personally negotiate the limits of nature exploitation by humans of the said city. The journey back was uneventful, and soon after they entered the walls, most of the group went home (since it was a few hours after dusk). The old man was abhorred by the way people lived in the city, but was strangely fascinated by monument in front of the castle. Lord Adrik was skeptical at first (old people manipulating trees to attack woodcutters did sound a bit strange to him after all), but a short talk to Sedrik convinced him that the city should stop it’s aggression. The party was surprised, but did not interfere. After parting ways with the old man, they went to the inn, hoping for a rest after a very long day. An earthquake took them by surprise before they put their nightgowns on. They soon found out that monument was destroyed. Some buildings were damaged, but nobody was seriously harmed. They returned to the inn, wondering about Sedrik’s (suspected) motive for doing such a thing after a successful negotiation. First thing in the morning on Ceir Orbeth’s initiativethey questioned Sielik (leader of the activists), and after threating him, went to the castle. Once again, they met the strange large person leaving as they were entering the throne room. Harsh words were exchanged (regarding taxation) and battle was joined. Lord’s adviser promptly disappeared. After a bloody fight, while the party was combating the now enraged guards (lord was on the floor and bleeding), the large person in black returned and advised the party to leave. Eleasar did not heed his advice and was almost brought down with what he described as a slice to his brain. The priest managed to haggle some wands that the adviser used. They left the castle wondering who is that guy (emissary from the Empire meant little to them), will they received their just reward for protecting the lives of woodcutters and who will rule the city now?



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