Visions of the Sarrukh

Session no14

Lord Adrik of Bastou promised 20 000 dukats for stopping the attacks on the woodcutters for at least two weeks. After receiving an official letter from the lord, they started investigating the suspicious activist who were protesting against the wanton destruction of wildlife. Night time investigation team (which consisted of Eleasar, Milutin disguised as a little girl, Llialda and Leila) tricked a protester in to a dark alley and questioned him there. That was fruitless, as he knew nothing. A strange elf called Valithria was found in a prison cell next to the leader of the green movement (who was questioned in detail and with aid of a zone of truth spell, also no to avail). Their next move was to impersonate the lumberjacks and wait for the attackers. Soon they arrived at the edge of the forest, where the tied the horses borrowed from the lords stables. Not a few more hours into the woods, a bear crossed their path. Magic and diplomacy did not helped them sway the bear but agitated him into attacking them. After a gruesome fight, bear’s lifeless carcass was being skinned by Milutin as the party made camp there.



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