Visions of the Sarrukh

Session no 18

The party gathered in the evening at the inn for a nice meal. But the maid brought a message for them. The contents invited them to an address. Quickly they journeyed there, picking up Riffin at the castle. It was a deserted warehouse. But after some search, a door to the cellar was found. After some time in a tunnel they stumbled upon a skeleton, with some strange growth in his chest. After a more careful look, it was reptile skeleton. It asked for their helped and promised his services in return. Most of the fellowship could not be easily won over without real rewards, but Llialda gladly agreed. The curse that befell him was of natural origin, and she performed a ritual to remove it (Eleasar’s dispel attempts failed). She also revealed (and the creature agreed) that it was masked (via magical cloak) as a small fox she found outside of Hromor. The curse was most likely connected to a mysterious seed fed to him by Llialda. They also found out that he was from that strange sphere, and a Sarrukh in life. As they ventured forth through the next tunnel, sounds of battle were heard. A strange large man was trying to fight off demons. With the help of the party, demons soon met their end. Skeleton vanished and they turned their curiosity to the warrior.



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